Christina M. Robich ~ East-West Fusion Acupuncture specializes in your every need. Comfort and a sense of inclusion will greet you ever time that you visit.

The office is family oriented and takes pride in its health centered atmosphere. It has taken the basic aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine and combined that with the best of all worlds. You will be welcomed to sweet, relaxing aromas, gentle music and maximum comfort. Every treatment is accompanied by massage with essential oils and personalized care.

East-West Fusion Acupuncture is dedicated to meet your every need. Consider it to be your Primary care facility for your whole body healing. This office offers complete care in regard to all of the components of Oriental Medline, herbs, supplements and healing oils. Herbal formulas are designed for your individual needs as well as tisanes (herbal teas). You will be able to choose from a complete line of Chrysalis organic skin care and a variety of facial treatments as well as well as hot and cold stone massage. Nutritional guidance, medicinal Qi Gong, lifestyle changes and detoxification protocols are also available. Classes are also available for Tai Qi and Qi gong.