Areas of Expertise


I was trained in the most prestigious program in the United States. My studies included four years of Western sciences as well as formal Oriental training administered by the best and most diverse professors in this country. I interned in Sound Shore Medical Center and worked on my research thesis in orthopedic department and surgical area. This research has been proposed for publication by many of the physicians that I was privileged to work with. My formal training is in Traditional Chinese Medicine but I have integrated many other Asian disciplines into my practice.

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I am a trained herbalist and can create an, herbal formula tailored to your body type and physical/ mental problems. Traditionally, Oriental Medicine includes Acupuncture and herbal therapy together but they can be administered separately. Herbal medicine is a great adjunct to Acupuncture as it aids the body’s healing ability and enhances your Acupuncture treatments. Its written Oriental history stretches back over 2,500 years but its practice is undoubtedly much older. This medicinal approach is gaining great popularity in the West as an effective alternative therapy. Traditional Western folk herbalism primarily treats diseases and symptoms, such as headache. Oriental herbal medicine, when practiced in conjunction with Acupuncture treatments, is based on your diagnosis and individual needs. Formulae are designed to strengthen your body and to restore health by treating the basis or cause disease process. Herbs do not merely treat symptoms as western pharmaceuticals do. They go to the root of the pathological process. Herbal medicines are taken in pill or capsule form, tinctures, teas or granules; they could also be administered as soaks or plasters. Herbal formulas must be prescribed by a trained herbologist. Herbs, when taken properly, have no side effects.


Christina is a certified for Reproductive Health management.

Christina has completed additional training in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, Depressive disorders, Digestive issues, Post-Traumatic Stress disorders, skin disorders, breath-work, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Qi gong,Tai Qi , Nutritional Counseling and Weight Loss.

Independent Medical Examiner for Geico and Allstate.